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Mindful Cycling Series – Welcome, Subscribers!

We are grateful to take this cycling yogAdventure with you. This Mindful Cycling Series is designed for any type and skill level of rider to improve your physical and mental wellness when riding. Together, we will enhance our cycling wellness and be ready to ride well this year and beyond. Please reach out with questions, comments, or suggestions. Session access is extended through the year.

We would love to see your adventures. Please consider tagging us with the following: #OneTreeLove #yogAdventure #mindfulcycling #cyclingwellness. Ride well!

Special note: This offering is part of the subscription-based Mindful Cycling Series. Please honor our efforts and do not share the video links, but encourage others to subscribe here:

Level Up participants: Use your additional password to access the bonus material. When you are ready to schedule your 30-min private session with Lisa, contact us.

Challenge question: Email us with your answer to be entered into a raffle. Raffle winner will be randomly selected at the end of July.

Week 1 + Level Up Bonus

Week 2 + Level Up Bonus

Week 3 + Level Up Bonus

Week 4 + Level Up Bonus