January 24, 2017

About Darlene Kelbach

Darlene began practicing yoga nearly 15 years ago in order to stay active and healthy during her pregnancy.  During that time she was a Historical Landscape Architect working in a National Park.  In 2007, Darlene completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Namaste Yoga Studio and started teaching part-time.  As of 2013, Darlene has been teaching yoga full-time blending it with her love for nature and the environment as well as her passion for sustainable, local farming and plant-based nutrition.  Darlene promotes optimal health and well-being for  individuals, families, communities and the planet.  She has degrees in Political Science and Landscape Architecture.  She is certified in yoga, plant-based nutrition, reiki II and Music Together.

Darlene also recently published a music CD to teach yoga to young children entitled, “Yoga Songs for the Classroom.”  She is the vocalist and wrote the lyrics.  You will find her singing in kids and adult classes alike.  She is nurturing, playful and inspiring in her teaching style.  She likes to lead a variety of class types and in diverse settings.  Find her in the studio, classroom, home, office and fitness center but also on the farm, at a market, in a park or garden, at the library or on a beach.